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New York Shipbuilding Photo Gallery

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This list includes images not linked elsewhere in this site.

Views of the Shipyard
Corporate Ephemera
Corporate Advertisements
First-Day Covers and Other Postal Imprints
Ship Insignia/Patches
Ship Views

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Views of the Shipyard

Original Ways - 1900

Riverfront View - World War I

 Aerial View - 1995

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Corporate Ephemera

ID Badge 29407 - style 1

ID Badge 66526 - style 2

ID Badge 60034 - photo style

Company Logo - Merritt-Chapman and Scott Corporation era

Company March - yes, there was a company song

N.S. Savannah Tietack

Corporate Advertisements

S.S. Deepwater - Marine Engineering, 1930

S.S. Excalibur - Marine Engineering, 1932

First-Day Covers and Other Postal Imprints

CL-55 Cleveland launch

CL-56 Columbia keel-laying

EAG-153 Observation Island Polaris launch

N.S. Savannah launch

N.S. Savannah maiden voyage

SSN-612 Guardfish launch

S.S. Washington delivery

Ship Insignia/Patches

AOE-2 Camden

CA-133 Toledo

CGN-35 Truxtun

CV-63 Kitty Hawk
CV-63 Kitty Hawk - Westpac 1981
CV-63 Kitty Hawk - Westpac 1981 "The Hawk is Back"
CV-63 Kitty Hawk - Indian Ocean 1979-80 "Camel Station" V-2 Division

DE-1029 Hartley

SSN-604 Haddo

SSN-612 Guardfish

SSN-647 Pogy
SSN-647 Pogy - "Nightmare Island" Overhaul 1980-81
SSN-647 Pogy - SCICEX 96

USNS Observation Island Cobra Judy

Ship Views

AC-11 Washington - underway
AC-11 Washington - entering port

AD-2 Melville
AD-2 Melville - with destroyer squadron

AD-14 Dixie

AD-15 Prairie

AG-153 Compass Island in drydock, bow
AG-153 Compass Island in drydock, stern

AG-16 Utah - former BB-31, after armament removed

AO-144 Mississinewa

AO-148 Ponchatoula replenishment
AO-148 Ponchatoula at sea, stern view
AO-148 Ponchatoula passing underGolden Gate Bridge
AO-148 Ponchatoula lying offshore
AO-148 Ponchatoula November 1991

AOE-2 Camden underway, starboard quarter
AOE-2 Camden underway, port view

AP-17 Harry Lee - formerly Exochorda

AP-26 Joseph T. Dickman

APA-23 John Penn - formerly Excambion

APA-248 Paul Revere ex-Diamond Mariner

AR-5 Vulcan

AS-9 Canopus

BB-21 Kansas - painting
BB-21 Kansas - flank speed
BB-21 Kansas - underway
BB-21 Kansas - bow-on
BB-21 Kansas

BB-25 New Hampshire

BB-27 Michigan
BB-27 Michigan - underway
BB-27 Michigan - aerial view
BB-27 Michigan - starboard view
BB-27 Michigan - making steam

BB-31 Utah
BB-31 Utah - pennants flying
BB-31 Utah - aft batteries
BB-31 Utah - after Pearl Harbor

BB-33 Arkansas
BB-33 Arkansas - port view
BB-33 Arkansas - bow view
BB-33 Arkansas - aft view
BB-33 Arkansas - aerial view
BB-33 Arkansas - moored

BB-37 Oklahoma - firing main batteries
BB-37 Oklahoma - at the pier
BB-37 Oklahoma - righting hulk at Pearl Harbor
BB-37 Oklahoma - refloating hulk at Pearl Harbor
BB-37 Oklahoma - refloated hulk
BB-37 Oklahoma - glory days

BB-42 Idaho - in the yard
BB-42 Idaho - starboard view, underway

BB-57 South Dakota - under construction, April 1940
BB-57 South Dakota - bombarding Kamaiski, Japan, July 1945
BB-57 South Dakota - laid up at Philadelphia, 1961
BB-57 South Dakota - underway, aerial view
BB-57 South Dakota - convoy speed
BB-57 South Dakota - at anchor
BB-57 South Dakota - alongside tender

CA-27 Chester
CA-27 Chester - keeping station
CA-27 Chester - with modifications highlighted
CA-27 Chester - at Okinawa, May 1945

CA-35 Indianapolis - profile
CA-35 Indianapolis - underway
CA-35 Indianapolis - tied up in Newton Creek

CA-37 Tuscaloosa - dazzle camouflage

CA-130 Bremerton - off Portland, Maine, 6 August 1945
CA-130 Bremerton - being prepared for inactivation, 1948
CA-130 Bremerton - before recommissioning, November 1951
CA-130 Bremerton - underway, 14 February 1952
CA-130 Bremerton - in drydock at Yokosuka, July 1954
CA-130 Bremerton - 4 November 1957

CA-131 Fall River

CA-132 Macon - tied up

CA-133 Toledo - with USS Juneau at Yokosuka, 1950
CA-133 Toledo - loading ammunition, 1950
CA-133 Toledo - off Korea, September 1951

CAG-1 Boston

CAG-1 Boston with CAG-2 Canberra - underway

CB-1 Alaska - 13 November 1944
CB-1 Alaska - off Philadelphia, 12 November 1944
CB-1 Alaska - off Philadelphia Navy Yard, 30 July 1944
CB-1 Alaska - launching at New York Ship, 15 August 1943
CB-1 Alaska - in reserve at Bayonne, 15 April 1953

CB-2 Guam - off Trinidad, 13 November 1944
CB-2 Guam - at Pearl Harbor, 21 February 1945
CB-2 Guam - turning at sea, 1944
CB-2 Guam - shakedown cruise, 13 November 1944

CB-3 Hawaii - launching, 3 November 1945 (NYSB photo)
CB-3 Hawaii - fitting out, 3 July 1946
CB-3 Hawaii - fitting out, 8 January 1947
CB-3 Hawaii - bridge area, 8 January 1947
CB-3 Hawaii - stack area, 8 January 1947
CB-3 Hawaii - in reserve at Philadelphia, 19 May 1955 (USN photo)
CB-3 Hawaii - being towed to scrapper, 20 June 1959 (USN photo)

CC-2 Wright - ex-CVL-49, as command ship June 1963
CC-2 Wright - 25 September 1963

CG-19 Dale escorting CV-60 Saratoga

CG-20 Richmond K. Turner - right full rudder

CGN-35 Truxtun - off Diamond Head
CGN-35 Truxtun - underway
CGN-35 Truxtun - superdetailed color image
CGN-35 Truxtun - offshore

CL-25 Salt Lake City

CL-42 Savannah

CL-43 Nashville - launching at NY Ship, 2 Oct 1937

CL-46 Phoenix - at Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941

CL-55 Cleveland

CL-56 Columbia

CL-57 Montpelier - off Mare Island, 1944

CL-92 Little Rock

CL-103 Wilkes Barre

CL-105 Dayton

CL-106 Fargo

CL-144 Worcester

CLG-4 Little Rock

CV-3 Saratoga
CV-3 Saratoga - underway
CV-3 Saratoga - air wing on deck

CVA-63 Kitty Hawk - overhead view (note single bridle catcher)
CVA-63 Kitty Hawk - aircraft operations (note dual bridle catchers)
CVA-63 Kitty Hawk - with attack submarine alongside

CVL-22 Independence
CVL-22 Independence - air wing on deck
CVL-22 Independence - burned out
CVL-22 Independence - explosion on board

CVL-23 Princeton
CVL-23 Princeton - bomb damage
CVL-23 Princeton - flight deck damage

CVL-24 Belleau Wood
CVL-24 Belleau Wood
CVL-24 Belleau Wood
CVL-24 Belleau Wood alongside the pier, stern view

CVL-25 Cowpens - at sea 17 Jul 1943 (USN photo)
CVL-25 Cowpens - launch (NYSB photo)

CVL-26 Monterey - underway 12 Oct 1945 (USN photo)

CVL-27 Langley - in heavy seas 12 December 1944 (USN photo)

CVL-28 Cabot - underway 26 July 1945 (USN photo)
CVL-28 Cabot - listing at anchor in Port Isabel, Texas c. 1999
CVL-28 Cabot - under tow to Brownsville for scrapping
CVL-28 Cabot - in Sabe Marine berth at Brownsville
CVL-28 Cabot - awaiting the torch
CVL-28 Cabot - lonely end
CVL-28 Cabot - bow and island removed
CVL-28 Cabot - flight deck removed

CVL-29 Bataan - berthed
CVL-29 Bataan - underway

CVL-30 San Jacinto - underway 23 January 1944 (USN photo)

CVL-48 Saipan

CVL-49 Wright (USN photo)

DD Wickes-Tattnall class mothballed

DD-38 Jarvis

DD-45 Downes

DD-61 Jacob Jones

DD-62 Wainwright

DD-128 Babbitt

DD-130 Jacob Jones

DD-157 Dickerson

DD-158 Leary - underway in 1942
DD-158 Leary

DD-231 Hatfield

DD-240 Sturtevant

DD-245 Reuben James - in Hudson River, 20 April 1939
DD-245 Reuben James
DD-245 Reuben James

DDG-5 Biddle

DDG-15 Berkeley

DDG-17 Conyngham

DE-1027 Willis
DE-1027 Willis - at anchor

DE-1028 Van Voorhis - off the port bow

DE-1029 Hartley

DE-1030 Taussig

DL-1 Norfolk - before launching, 29 December 1941 (NYSB photo)
DL-1 Norfolk - underway
DL-1 Norfolk - at sea, color

LCT-482 on Emirau

L.H.T. Manzanita [Contract 54]

LV-87 Ambrose [Contract 47]

N.S. Savannah [Contract 529] - laying keel
N.S. Savannah - Mrs. Nixon at keel-laying
N.S. Savannah - under construction
N.S. Savannah - rudder
N.S. Savannah - bow
N.S. Savannah - prop
N.S. Savannah - loading reactor
N.S. Savannah - sliding down the ways
N.S. Savannah - clearing the slip
N.S. Savannah - in the Delaware
N.S. Savannah - at the Delaware Memorial Bridge
N.S. Savannah - underway
N.S. Savannah
N.S. Savannah - mothballed

S.S. Dixie Arrow [Contract 266] - in floating drydock
S.S. Dixie Arrow - sinking 26 March 1942

S.S. Excalibur [Contract 394] - postcard

S.S. Exeter [Contract 396] - postcard

S.S. Export Adventurer [Contract 531] - engineer's station

S.S. Fillmore [Contract 5] - ex-Mongolia

S.S. J.M. Guffey [Contract 1]

S.S. Manchuria [Contract 6]
S.S. Manchuria - painting

S.S. Manhattan [Contract 405] - in New York harbor
S.S. Manhattan - with neutrality markings
S.S. Manhattan - aground off Palm Beach 12 January 1941
S.S. Manhattan - aground off Palm Beach 13 January 1941
S.S. Manhattan - aground 9 miles north of Palm Beach

SS.. Mongolia [Contract 5] - in WWI neutrality markings
S.S. Mongolia - drawing

S.S. President Harrison [Contract 248]

S.S. Scottsburg [Contract 243]

S.S. Washington [Contract 406] - postcard
S.S. Washington - in New York harbor

SS-582 Bonefish - at sea
SS-582 Bonefish - in drydock

SSN-603 Pollack
SSN-603 Pollack - christening
SSN-603 Pollack - at sea

SSN-604 Haddo

SSN-612 Guardfish

SSN-647 Pogy - Operation Icepick
SSN-647 Pogy - at North Pole

T-AGM-23 Observation Island model
T-AGM-23 Observation Island model, port view

T-AP-198 Upshur ex-President Hayes

T-ARVH-1 Corpus Christi Bay ex-AV-5 Albemarle

More to come!

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