New York Shipbuilding
Postcard Gallery

There have been at least a dozen postcards devoted to Camden's landmark shipyard. The cards span both the evolution of the facilities and the evolution of postal cards themselves. Listed in best-guess chronological order (most of these cards are not available for hands-on examination). Click on the thumbnails for the full-sized images.

Inscription: "New York Ship Building Plant, Camden, N.J." The original covered ways shown here were completed in 1901. This example was postmared 1906. The message says "Here is where I made my tug boat - Herbert"

This photographic view from east of Broadway served as the basis for the two cards at right. The image is from before 1912 (per the absence of the new shipway). though the white border card style suggests 1916 or later for the card iteslf.

Inscription: "New York Shipbuilding Company, Camden, N.J." Broadway crosses the image from lower right to upper left. The rail spurs passing under the bridge turn south and join the main line paralleling Broadway.

Inscription: "New York Shipbuilding Plant, Camden, N.J." A hand-colored rendering from a pre-1912 photo, complete with lighted windows and a ghostly moon over the Delaware River.

Inscription: "View of New York Shipbuilding Co. Plant from River, Showing Ship Sheds, Camden, N.J." It appears in this image that the erection of the 1912 addition has begun.

Inscription: "New York Ship Building Co., Camden, N.J." With the general muddiness of the image, it's hard to tell if the open steel framework is the 1912 or 1917 additions, or the original construction. View is from the southeast.

Inscription: "New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Camden, N.J." The ship in the covered wet slip has cage masts, after the fashion of BB-21 Kansas and BB-27 Michigan.

Inscription: "Launching at New York Shipbuilding Corp. Plant" The ship is not identifiable, but, the bow curve suggests an early American dreadnought such as BB-31 Utah, launched in 1908.

Inscription: "New York Shipbuilding Corp., Camden N.J." The outfitting pier is in the foreground. The 1912 and 1917 shipways are in evidence (open framework). The four-stackers in the outfitting basin are Wickes-Tattnall "flush-deck" destroyers.

Inscription: "New York Shipbuilding Corp., Camden, N.J." This unusual view from the southeast has Newton Creek in the foreground. The 1912 and 1917 additions are shown.

Inscription: "Bird's Eye View of New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Camden, N.J." Copyright 1921, this view shows all the elements of the World War I expansion, as well as Yorkship Village rising from the former Cooper farm at top center.

There are two versions of this card, one of which has no white border and a superimposed caption "Camden, New Jersey - New York Shipbuilding Corporation" at upper left. The Kitty Hawk is nearing completion at lower left, suggesting a date of 1960.

(If you can provide a scan of a card not shown here, or a better scan of a card that is shown, or a scan of the back of any of these cards, please drop us a note. If you can donate a card to your curator's collection of Yorkship memorabilia, you will have our lasting gratitude.)

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