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Guided-Missile Cruisers of New York Shipbuilding
  Last Update: 3 November 2018

USS Little Rock fires a Talos guided missile, May 1961

In the early 1950s, the U.S. Navy began a hasty transition from guns to missiles for fleet air defense. Three of the first four contracts to convert existing vessels went to New York Ship--for the heavy cruisers Boston and Canberra, which were to mount the Terrier missile system, and the light cruiser Little Rock, which mounted the Talos system. In the 1960s, New York Ship would build two Leahy-class guided missile cruisers from the keel up, as well as the nuclear-powered Truxton. The Little Rock is a museum ship in Buffalo, NY; all other vessels listed here have been scrapped or sunk.

Listed in chronological order by contract date. Additions and corrections welcomed.

C #


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Keel Laid







Boston Jun 30, 1941 Jun 30, 1943

Nov 1, 1955 (CAG conversion)

Photo © 1961 by Dick Leonhardt

Guided missile conversion of Baltimore class heavy cruiser, 673 ft, 16700 tons dp

Built by Bethlehem Quincy and launched as CA-69. Earned ten battle stars in the Pacific during WWII. Mothballed in 1946. Rebuilt as world's first guided missile cruiser 1952-55 at NYSB. Mounted two twin-rail Terrier SAM launchers aft. Stricken Jan 4, 1974 and sold for scrap.




Canberra Sep 3, 1941 Apr 19, 1943

Jun 15, 1956 (CAG conversion)

Guided missile conversion of Baltimore class heavy cruiser
Built by Bethlehem Quincy and launched as CA-70 Pittsburgh. Decommissioned 1947. Redesignated CA-70 in May 1968. Stricken July 31, 1978, sold July 1980 and scrapped.
525 CLG-4 Little Rock Mar 6, 1943 Aug 27, 1944

May 6, 1960
(CLG conversion)

U.S. Navy photo

Guided missile conversion of Cleveland class light cruiser, 610 ft, 10000 tons dp

Built by Cramp and launched as CL-92. Rebuilt as guided missile cruiser (Talos system) by NYSB 1957-60. Served as 6th Fleet flagship 1967-70. Stricken Nov 22, 1976. Now a museum at Buffalo Naval and Servicemanís Park, Buffalo NY.
532 DLG-19


Dale Sep 6, 1960 Jul 28, 1962
U.S. Navy photo

Guided missile cruiser, Leahy class, 533 ft, 7500 t, 4-3" guns, ASROC, Terrier

Reclassified as CG in Jun 1975. Decommissioned and stricken Sep 23, 1994. Disposed of as target off the coast of Maryland, 6 Apr 2000. The hulk lies at a depth of 2150 fathoms.
533 DLG-20


Richmond K. Turner Jan 9, 1961 Apr 6, 1963
Photo © 1975 by Dick Leonhardt

Guided missile cruiser, Leahy class

DOD photo. Charleston SC, 1988.

Earned eight battle stars for Vietnam service. Reclassified as CG in Jun 1975. Decommissioned and stricken Mar 31, 1995. Sunk as a target by the USS Enterprise battle group Aug 9, 1998 near Puerto Rico. She rests beneath 3000 fathoms of water.
540 DLGN-35


Truxtun Jun 17, 1963 Dec 19, 1964
From the collection of Jim Williams

Guided missile cruiser, mod of Belknap class; 564 ft, 8659 t.

USN's 4th nuclear surface ship. Decommissioned Sep 1995, recycled Oct 1997.

C# = New York Shipbuilding contract number

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