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Last Revised: 26 December 2007

The original plan for Yorkship Village provided for a single church, but it was inevitable that other denominations would become part of the community. Through most of Fairview's history, the "Big 4" churches were Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, and Lutheran. For a child, which church you attended had a lot to do with who you knew and who your friends were. If you were of any other faith or denomination, your observances took you outside the village.

Fairview Community Baptist Church, Common & Sumpter Road, (609) 541-6611
Fairview Village Methodist Church, Chesapeake Road & North Merrimac Road, (856) 962-9169
Congregation organized July 11, 1920. Original sanctuary (now used as nursery) built and dedicated in 1924. New sanctuary added 1927. Kitchen (now houses church offices) added 1940. Current sanctuary added 1959.
St. Joan of Arc Parish Church, 3107 Alabama Road, (856) 962-8642
Parish organized September 1920, using a temporary mission chapel in a former pool room at Mt. Ephraim Avenue & Collings Road (later the site of Chubby's Restaurant). The US Shipping Board later donated the triangular plot at Alabama Road and Collings Road, where the first church was built in 1923. Four nearby homes (3128-3132 Merrimac Road and 3139 Alabama Road) were purchased from the Board in 1922 for use as a rectory, convent, and chapel. The structure is now known as Dominic House, and houses parish offices including Catholic Social Services. A separate rectory was built in 1951. St. Joan of Arc School began operations in 1924 on the second floor of the church building.
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church (LCA), 2755 Tuckahoe Road, (609) 966-1443

King's Dominion Church, 2755 Tuckahoe Road, (856) 541-7822

Bridge Of Peace Community Church, 2755 Tuckahoe Road, (856) 365-1450

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Congregacion Amor de Jesus, 1031 Ironside Road (856) 365-0335

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