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The Square is inescapably part of the memories of anyone who grew up in Fairview Village. For me, those memories include candy, baseball cards, and fountain Cokes from Dave & Dot's, thin-sliced American cheese and lebanon bologna from the deli in the Village Market, the wizardly clutter of Fennell's Television Repair and Post Office Substation, the mysterious maze of boxes and drawers in the hardware store, crumb coffee cake from the bakery, Lou's five-and-dime under the library, the smell of Sam Lawyer's shoe store, the sound of the brass clanging on the pavement when the Memorial Day honor guard fired its salute at the monument, carrying an armful of summer reading books down the stairs from the library, squirming in the chair at the barber's, and hurrying through the alley to get to school on time.

(Single dates in Roman type, such as 1982, indicate that the business appears at that address in the Camden Yellow Pages for that year. Dates in italic, such as 1951-1964, indicate years of operation, based on best information.)

Businesses in Yorkship Square (u= last known occupant )

The following stores were located on the Square at unknown addresses. Can you help put them in the right storefronts?

Mayer's Bakery (1200 block)
Yorkship Square Savings & Loan Association (to Aug 1982)
Fidelity Mutual Savings & Loan Association (?)
Anne's Dress Shop (1200 block)
Barney's/Lane's/Dave & Dot's (1200 block)
a laundromat (1200 block)

The south side - between Kearsarge Road and Alabama Road

3002 Kearsarge Road, Mayer's Sweet Shop

u1184 Yorkship Square, Michael H. Devlin, Attorney (856) 757-9561

1186 Yorkship Square, Bumble Bee Florist, (609) 541-5224 1982
u1186 Yorkship Square, Yorkship Laundromat, (856) 225-9757

1188 Yorkship Square, Lawyer's Shoe Repair

u1190 Yorkship Square, Triquest, Inc, (856) 541-1155

u1192 Yorkship Square, Fairview Pharmacy (856) 365-1210 1982 1987

1194 Yorkship Square, Fairfield Cut Glass (609) 365-0657 1982
u1194 Yorkship Square, Jonathon Ross, M.D. (856) 964-1194

1196 Yorkship Square, Miss-Chris Deli, (609) 966-2142 1982
1196 Yorkship Square, Southside Bistro, (609) 757-7979 1998
u1196 Yorkship Square, Marcello's Pizza & Italian, (856) 757-7979

1198 Yorkship Square, Fairview Youth Center, Inc. (609) 966-6848 1982
1198 Yorkship Square, 3-D Video, (609) 338-0227
u1198 Yorkship Square, The Hair D'Tailers (856) 338-1880

[alley to South Octagon and Yorkship School]

1200 Yorkship Square, Pete Dickenson Photography, (609) 964-9221
u1200 Yorkship Square, BLV Day Care, (856) 963-4496

1201 Yorkship Square, Earl's Collectibles, (856) 541-7655
1201 Yorkship Square, 2nd District Mini-Station
u1201 Yorkship Square, RPM Development (856) 541-6003

u1202 Yorkship Square, McGuire's Delicatessen, (856) 365-7319 1982 1987

1203 Yorkship Square, Dr. Morris Kauffman, dentist 1938-1950 - Dr. Kauffman died 11 November 1993

1204 Yorkship Square, Leach's Hardware
u1204 Yorkship Square, J & D Ceramics, (609) 365-1285

1206 Yorkship Square, Fennell Radio Sales & Service, (609) 964-2610 1982 1987
Fennell's was also the Post Office Substation for Fairview
1206 Yorkship Square, Child Health Clinic (609) 966-2570
u1206 Yorkship Square, Rutgers Fairview Neighborhood Project (856) 225-1400

u1208 Yorkship Square, Fulai Chinese Restaurant, (856) 963-0161

1210 Yorkship Square, Barney's

1212 Yorkship Square, K C Printing, Inc., (856) 963-9323
u1212 Yorkship Square, Just a Buck Plus, (856) 964-3535

1214 Yorkship Square

The east side - between Alabama Road and E. America Road

2976 Alabama Road, Fred Palumbo, Barber

2950 Yorkship Square, Acme Market
2950 Yorkship Square, Village Market
2950 Yorkship Square, Bonanza Supermarket, (609) 338-1674 1982 1987
u2950 Yorkship Square, Buy Rite Super Market, (856) 963-1200

The northeast corner - between E. America Road and Yorkship Road

2940 Yorkship Square, Joe Bonanno, Barber
u2940 Yorkship Square, Rose Apothecary, (856) 541-2990 1982 1987

2936 Yorkship Square, Dr. Morris Wolbransky, Optometrist (609) 541-9444

2934 Yorkship Square, Dr. Norman Ellis D.O. (609) 963-8998 1982

The northwest corner - between Yorkship Road and W. America Road

2957 Yorkship Square, S.B. Dobbs, Inc., (856) 963-4380 [residence] 1982 - S. Raymond Dobbs died November 1972

2961 Yorkship Square, Louie's 5 & 10
2961 Yorkship Square, Dr. Irvin S. Kaigh (609) 365-1217 1982
2961 Yorkship Square, Show & Tell, (609) 338-1122
u2961 Yorkship Square, Seacare Medical Services, Jeffrey A. Kleeman, D.O. (856) 541-5588
u2961 Yorkship Square, Steven Gitler, D.O. (856) 541-5588
u2961 Yorkship Square, Marykay Maley, CRNP, (856) 541-5588
u2961 Yorkship Square, 2nd Floor, Project SEED (856) 966-9669 Fax: (856) 966-9677 E-mail: proseed@erols.com

The west side - between W. America Road and Kearsarge Road

u2977 Yorkship Square, Lenny Agency, REALTORS®, (609) 963-2526 1982 1987
Closed in June, 2003 after 74 years in business.

2979 Yorkship Square, Clover Federal Savings & Loan, (856) 964-3500 1982 1987
2979 Yorkship Square, Clover Bank, (856) 964-3500
u2979 Yorkship Square, United Check Cashing Co. (856) 342-6666

2985 Yorkship Square, Full Circle Marketing Ventures, Inc. (856) 365-8551
u2985 Yorkship Square, Fairview Vision, Dr. Joseph Lebovic, D.O., (856) 964-2020

A few businesses have been located on the roads leading into The Square, particularly Alabama Road and Kearsarge Road.

3008 Kearsarge Road, Capital Savings Corporation, (609) 338-8999

Elsewhere in the Village:

Collings Road

The other commercial area in Fairview was the strip on South Collings Road (a.k.a. Collings Avenue), west of Alabama Road. The only gas stations, the bowling alley, the skating rink, the only liquor store, and the "alternative" barber were located here. Another local landmark was Shorty's newstand and the attached restaurant (which never seemed to be open), which had somehow managed to secure a prize location on the Collings Road boulevard at Mt. Ephraim Avenue. Much of the strip opposite Yorkship School has been targeted for redevelopment under the Yorkship Village Development Plan announced in December 2001.

Addresses unknown

Aceto's Barber Shop
People's Florist
Lane's Provisions

u1036 South Collings, Gizzie's Catering Service, (856) 858-1412
u1036 South Collings, Gizzie's Deli, (856) 858-1035

Between Tennessee Road and New Jersey Road

u1200 South Collings, A & A Glass, (856) 962-6888
u1200 South Collings, Suburban Auto Supply and Service, (856) 962-7400 1982

Between New Jersey Road and S. Chesapeake Road

u1250 South Collings, Independent Citizens Atheletic Club, (856) 962-9834 1982

u1276 South Collings, Jam Distributors, (856) 962-8374

u1286 South Collings, Community Thrift Shop, (856) 619-1155

1288 South Collings, The Village Laundromat, (609) 962-9622 1987

u1290 South Collings, Hair Artistry by Antionette, (856) 962-8366

Between S. Chesapeake Road and New Hampshire Road

1310 South Collings, Clark's Esso Service Center
1310 South Collings, Reader's Esso Servicenter, 962-7890

The six-store structure on South Collings Road at New Hampshire was part of the original Yorkship Village plan. As in the Square, the upstairs apartments were intended for the shopkeepers.

1378 South Collings, Scoops Ice Cream Corner, (609) 962-0878

u1380 South Collings, Alexi's Pizzeria & Restaurant, (856) 962-0558

1382 South Collings, Pizza Shanty, (609) 962-6230
1382 South Collings, Bella Napoli Pizza, (609) 962-0344

u1384 South Collings, Mr. Ed's Place, (856) 962-8664 1982

1392 South Collings, Lichtman's Liquor Store, (609) 365-0034 1982
u1392 South Collings, Fairview Liquors, (856) 962-6969 1987

June 2, 1919

Beyond New Hampshire Road

u1400 South Collings, St. Joan of Arc School, (856) 962-7226

1402 South Collings, Ben's Barber Shop, (609) 962-6003 1982

u1406 South Collings, Quality Cleaners, (856) 962-7488 "Since 1927" 1982 1987

1530 South Collings, Myrtetus Funeral Home, Joseph L. Myrtetus, (609) 963-0307 1982 1987
1530 South Collings, Myrtetus-Doyle Funeral Home, (856) 963-0307

u1594 South Collings, Sheehan Veterinary Centre, Edward Sheehan, D.V.M., (856) 962-8080

North Collings Road (traditionally residential)

1155 North Collings, Custom Design Mirrors, (609) 962-6388 1982

1503 North Collings, Public Library (609) 962-6669 1982

1523 North Collings, Akron Printing, Inc., (609) 962-8599 1982

1623 North Collings, Dr. Mark Stern (609) 963-7755 1982

Here and There

1684 Minnesota Road, Dr. Murray N. Matez D.O. P.A. (609) 964-1121 1982
1684 Minnesota Road, Lourdes Health Network (856) 964-1121

3007 Mt. Ephraim Avenue, Dr. Harry Haltzman D.O. (609) 964-3321 1982

3009 Mt. Ephraim Avenue, Fairview Insurance Associates (609) 962-6200 1982

3107 Mt. Ephraim Avenue, Dr. S. Hirschberg, Podiatrist (609) 962-6006

1148 North Octagon, Washburn's Candies - started in an addition to the house, later moved to Haddon Avenue

3007 Fenwick Road, Fairview Gardens Cafe (Fairview Grill Association), 964-8124 1982
The pink bar/restaurant/club tucked away on Fenwick Road was a childhood mystery to me. I can't remember ever going inside The Pink Cat, and I retain a lingering impression of sin and disapproval, probably absorbed from my mother. Perhaps this was where hard-drinking men and loose women found each other in those days.

Close Enough To Count

Just outside the boundaries of the village were a number of establishments that were every bit as much a part of the life of the residents as the businesses inside.

The Crescent Theater - before its last sad decade as the seedy Venus Art adult theater, the Crescent drew hundreds of Fairview kids to Saturday sci-fi matinees--double features, of course. I remember Beyond the Time Barrier, It Conquered the World, 13 Ghosts, The Day the Earth Caught Fire, and many others. When the concession counter was closed, there was a drink machine which dropped a paper cup, a slug of ice, and a squirt of syrup and carbonated water behind a sliding plastic door, as well as a candy machine with selection handles that took both hands to pull. The building is now a tire store.

McDonald's (2720 Mt. Ephraim 1982) - the first fast-food franchise in walking distance of the village appeared on the east side of Mt. Ephraim Avenue next to Gaudio's. In its first incarnation, it was walk-up only, with no indoor seating. I remember $.12 hamburgers and $.15 cheeseburgers

Gino's (2787 Mt. Ephraim 1982) - you could get to Gino's without crossing Mt. Ephraim, which was no small advantage. They also had the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise for the area. Later the Gino's chain built a Rustler Steak House (2781 Mt. Ephraim 1982) next door.

My Friend's (2643 Mt. Ephraim)

Elgin Diner (2621 Mt. Ephraim) 1982

Chubby's 1-1/2 Hearth (Black Horse Pike & Collings Road) - for more than sixty years, Chubby's was a place Fairview dressed up for. I never knew it as a nightclub, but as a restaurant it represented finer food (charcoal-grilled steaks and shrimp), bigger drinks (1-1/2 shots), and better service (there was someone who did nothing but fill water glasses!) than anything else in the neighborbood. 1934-1995


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