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As seen in this US Geological Survey aerial photo taken 25 Mar 1995, little remains of the facilities of the once-great New York Shipbuilding Corporation, which closed in 1967. A 1970 site survey of the former New York Shipbuilding site by Hudson Engineers, Inc.details its condition at that time.

Since then, the covered ways of the North Yard have been torn down, and only their outlines show here. In 1997, the North Yard was filled in to create ten acres of additional space for a breakbulk facility. Much of the fill came from the demolition of another Camden landmark, the RCA plant.

The Middle Yard was demolished and paved over to provide a 10-acre "open laydown space.".

The South Yard is home to a warren of anonymous warehouses and industrial buildings.

The outfitting basin and wet slip, which are separated by Pier 1, are still usable by vessels. In 2001, the Iowa-class battleship New Jersey (BB-62) was moored at Pier 1 for a $7.2 million renovation prior to becoming a museum ship on the downtown Camden waterfront.

Since 1971, the New York Ship site has been owned by the South Jersey Port Corporation, a state agency, and operated as the Broadway Street Terminal. The Destroyer Yard was replaced in the 1960s by the Kitty Hawk drydock. That drydock is now the 850' principal berth for the Broadway Terminal, and is used for general cargo including petroleum coke, coal, dolomite, steel products, wood products, minerals, cocoa beans and perishables.

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