Yorkship School Memories, 1959-1968

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Miss Beebe's kindergarten classroom was half again larger than any other classroom. It had a walk-in closet where paper, paints, and toys such as the wooden trains and the lacing shoes were kept. It had its own little bathroom, so her charges would not have to face the dark and cavernous toilets down the hall. The corner between the closet and the bathroom had a complete play kitchen, all of wood.
Enter the BOYS doors facing Octagon Road, and Mrs. Beebe's classroom was the first door on the right. The next room was the main office suite, with floor-to-ceiling windows flanking its entry. There were two rooms: the secretary's, and the principal's. The next door was a windowless storage room where the limited supply of audiovisual equipment was kept on shelves and carts--filmstrip projectors, an opaque projector, a Wollensak tape deck, and Bell & Howell 16mm film projectors. Teachers had to reserve AV equipment for a particular day and hour, and the equipment was delivered (and often set up) by eighth-grade boys. We considered that job highly desirable, not only because we got to play with such "high-tech" gear, but because we were excused from class to attend to it.
There were no doors on the left side of the hallway until you reached the cross hallway that went to the left. There you'd find an unmarked door that opened on a short flight of stairs to the small wing of the auditorium's stage. This little-used space was one of the school's better hiding places



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