NY Shipbuilding ID PinA Place Called YORKSHIP - S.S. Mongolia

Contract 5 (1902)

"Originally laid down for the Atlantic Transport Company, S.S. Mongolia and Manchuria, 26,820 displacement tons, were completed in 1904 for the Pacific Mail Steamship Company. In the transpacific service of the latter company for eleven years these two vessels established a remarkable record for consistent service. This record was further strengthened by their transatlantic achievements following their sale in 1915 to the International Mercantile Marine Company. To the Mongolia fell the honor of firing the first shot after the entry of the United States into the war. In service as a transport during the latter part of the war, S.S. Manchuria in ten eastbound and thirteen westbound trips carried 49,460 troops and S.S. Mongolia 33,574 in about the same number of trips. These vessels have established the New York-Hamburg Service of the American Line, which includes a stop at Vigo, Spain, on the return passage for immigrant traffic.

"Sister ships, they are 616 feet long and 65 feet in beam, with a passenger capacity of 346 first class, 66 second class, and 1,300 third class. Their speed is 16 knots. These were the first passenger ships built by the yard, and by their excellent record they have established the position of New York Shipbuilding Corporation as a builder of passenger ships of the highest character."

--from New York Shipbuilding Corporation - A Record of Ships Built (1921)

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