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The Ship Designs of New York Shipbuilding
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"The achievements of the New York Shipbuilding Corporation's Technical and Drafting Departments in (the) naval program of World War II were outstanding. From January 1, 1940, the Yard developed complete detail designs and working plans for seven designs of major combatant ships of 12,000 or more displacement tons, together with the detail design for machinery for an eight class. Twenty-nine of the vessels built to these plans were completed in the Yard, while fifty-six more were built in six other private and naval shipyards from duplicate plans supplied by New York Ship.

"In addition to these major ships, detail design plans were prepared and 148 Landing Craft of two classes were built as an emergency measure. Duplicate plans were supplied to numerous small yards for mass production of these craft."
-- 50 Years: New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Camden N.J. (1949)

The CLEVELAND class cruiser

The most numerous cruiser class of all time began with a Fiscal Year 1940 order for two vessels, which became CL-55 Cleveland and CL-56 Columbia. By war's end a total of 52 Clevalands had been ordered, though only

The Clevelands represened an evolution from the Helena (CL-50) design, which itself was an attempt to improve the Brookl;yn (CL-40) design of 1936. The principal change was replacing one triple 6-inch gun turret with two twin 5-in/38-caliber mounts.

The FARGO class cruiser

The WORCESTER class cruiser

The ALASKA class battle cruiser

The SOUTH DAKOTA class battleship

The INDEPENDENCE class light aircraft carrier

The SAIPAN class light aircraft carrier

The LCT(5) tank landing craft

The LCI(L) infantry landing craft



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