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The Battleships of New York Shipbuilding
  Last Updated: 3 November 2018

"Twenty-five per cent of the first line battleships amd forty-three per cent of the second line battleships in commission in the United States Navy on July 1, 1921, were built by New York Shipbuilding Corporation, in addition to various other warships. USS Idaho, ranking as the most powerful type when she was delivered by the yard in March,1919, is a notable example of the great line of fighting ships built and under construction at this plant. In the manoeuvres of the Pacific Fleet in the spring of 1920, the Idaho added to 'Gunning and Engineering Supremacy' the speed record for the battleships of the fleet, averaging 21.6 knots. The Idaho has a displacement of 34,759 tons."

--from New York Shipbuilding Corporation - A Record of Ships Built, 1921

Listed in chronological order. Additions and corrections welcomed.

Designation C# Name(s)
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Keel Laid Ways Launched Description Notes
BB-21 21 Kansas Feb 10, 1904 K Aug 12, 1905

Vermont class battleship, 456ft, 16000dp, 4x12" 8x8"

Took part in "Great White Fleet" circumnavigation. Spent WWI as engineering training ship in Chesapeake Bay. Decommissioned 1921, struck and sold for scrap 1923 under terms of Washington Treaty. DANFS History
BB-25 25 New Hampshire May 01, 1905 L Jun 30, 1906

Connecticut class battleship, 456ft 16000dp, 4x12"/45 8x8"/45

Convoy escort in WWI. Decommissioned 21 May 1921, sold for scrap 1 Nov 1923 under terms of Washington Treaty. DANFS History
BB-27 43 Michigan Dec 17, 1906 L May 26, 1908

South Carolina class battleship, 453ft 16000dp, 8x12"/45 22x3"/50

Convoy escort in WWI. Slightly damaged by heavy seas off Cape Hatteras Jan 1918, with loss of 6. Decommissioned at Philadelphia 11 Feb 1922 and stricken 10 Nov 1923. Scrapped at Philadelphia under terms of Washington Treaty, 1924. DANFS History


80 Utah Mar 15, 1909 L Dec 23, 1909

Florida class battleship, 521ft 21825dp, 10x12"/45 16x5"/51

Reconstructed and disarmed under terms of Washington Treaty and reclassified as a target ship (AG-16) in 1931. Torpedoed and sunk at Pearl Harbor, 7 Dec 1941, with loss of 64. Declared out of commission and struck, 1944. Hull remains as memorial. DANFS History
BB-33 97 Arkansas Jan 25, 1910 L Jan 14, 1911

Wyoming class battleship, 562ft 26000dp, 12x12"/50 main guns

Modernized 1925-6 at Philadelphia Navy Yard. Earned 4 Battle Stars for WWII. Used as target for Operation Crossroads, sunk at Bikini Atoll in Test Baker. Decommissioned 29 Jul 1946, and struck 15 Aug 1946. DANFS History
  103 Moreno Jul 9, 1910 K Aug 26, 1911

Rivadavia class battleship (Argentine Navy), 595 ft, 27840 tons dp, primary armament 6 dual 12"/50

Built for Argentina. Modernized at NYSB (converted to oil-burning) in 1926. Attended Britain's Coronation Review in May 1937. Laid up as an accomodation ship after WWII. Sold for scrap 8 Feb 1956, and broken up.
BB-37 130 Oklahoma Oct 26, 1912 L Mar 23, 1914

Nevada class battleship, 583ft 27500dp, 10x14"/45 main guns

Modernized 1927-9 at Philadelphia Navy Yard. Earned 1 Battle Star for WWII. Dive-bombed and capsized at Pearl Harbor, 7 Dec 1941, with loss of 415. Salvaged 1943 and stripped of guns and superstructure. Decommissioned in 1944, sold Dec 1946 for scrap. Parted tow line and sank 540 nm from Hawaii, 17 May 1947. DANFS History
BB-42 160 Idaho Jan 20, 1915 L Jun 30, 1917

New Mexico class battleship, 624ft, 32000dp, 9x14"/50 main guns

First battleship w/o hull-mounted secondary guns. Modernized 1931-34 at Norfolk. Earned 7 Battle Stars for WWII, supporting Pacific island landings. Decomissioned 3 Jul 1946 and placed in reserve. Sold for scrap 24 Nov 1947. DANFS History
BB-45 200 Colorado May 29, 1919 L Mar 22, 1921

Colorado class battleship, 625ft, 32600dp, 8x16" main guns

"Battleship #45" Earned 7 Battle Stars for WWII. Decommissioned and placed in reserve at Bremerton, 7 Jan 1947. Sold for scrap 23 July 1959. DANFS History
BB-47 201 Washington Jun 30, 1919 K Sep 01, 1921

Colorado class battleship

Cancelled 8 Feb 1922 (when 75.9% complete) under terms of the Washington Treaty. Towed out to sea and sunk as a gunnery target off the Virginia Capes Nov 1924, a process which required three days, 28 14-inch shells, torpedoes, and 400 tons of TNT. The wreck lies in 240 feet of water and is diveable. DANFS History
BB-57 421 South Dakota Jul 05, 1939 O Jun 07, 1941

South Dakota class battleship, 680ft, 35000dp, 9x16" main guns

Earned 13 Battle Stars for WWII. Struck by 500-lb bomb in Battle of Santa Cruz, 26 Oct 1942. Collided with DD-364 Mahan 30 Oct 1942. Repaired by AR-4 Vestal at Noumea. Took 42 hits in Battle of Savo Island and helped sink Japanese battleship Kirishima, 14 Nov 1942. Struck by 500-lb bomb in Battle of the Phillippine Sea, 15 Jun 1944. Decommissioned and placed in reserve at Philadelphia 31 Jan 1947. Struck and sold for scrap, 1962. DANFS History

C# = NYSB contract number

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